How do your athletes feel today?

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Know every morning how effectively each athlete has recovered and how ready they are to train/perform.

Assess the impact of training/competition on the team and each individual.

Monitor your team/group. Optimise training programmes. Reduce injury/illness risk.


Understand how athletes experienced your last training/competitive event

Recovery & Readiness

Track key indicators of recovery (sleep, health, wellness, nutrition, hydration)


Create team/group and individual events and receive up-to-date attendance statuses

Data-Driven Decisions

Use simply visualised information to plan better training programmes

Easy to start


Create your team/group, add events, and invite your athletes in minutes


Immediately connect to the daily stream of athlete data collected through automated notifications.


Saves time and money! Focus on making decisions, not processing data

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Every morning, all athletes report their sleep, health, wellness, nutrition, and hydration. Answering the Recovery Query response time: average <55s

Before every event, invited athletes or their coaches report reasons for absence: injured, ill, or other. Attendance Queries response time: a few seconds

After every event, attending athletes report their physical and mental load (RPE), any pain or other symptoms, and a self-assessment of their performance. Training Load Query response time: average <20s