We aim to reduce the competitive gap in team sports by making the opportunities in modern technology and advances in scientific research available to all teams, not just to those with the best resources.

Quanter systems are in teams with a wide range of budgets - youth and senior, professional and amateur. Players and coaches at all levels use Quanter to reduce the risk of injury and illness and improve player availability.

Quanter Basic

Quanter player monitoring and injury/illness risk-reduction

Team Dynamic

Team Scheduling & Attendances

Training Load Monitoring

Recovery Cycle Management

Immediate Feedback

English, Finnish, Swedish, Italian

Prices up to:

80€ + VAT / team / month

(min. 12-month agreement)

Basic system for:

Teams playing in lower divisions

Youth teams

Small teams or training groups (<10 players)

Teams from under-resourced sports

Quanter Elite

For higher level teams

Advanced service packages:

Sport-specific injury/illness monitoring

External technology integrations e.g. heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, contact mats

Bespoke data collection & analysis

Expert sport science support

Physical testing and training programming

Sports nutrition coaching

Performance analysis

Customisable features

Quanter Elite service packages are designed on the basis of a comprehensive needs analysis with each client

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